Randy built most of the “built-in” furniture we have at our Southampton home. It included a full kitchen and a “nautical” bedroom- with bed, end tables, bookcases and storage units. The nautical look that he added was amazing in the bedroom. The kitchen turned out perfectly, and 10 years later it looks terrific. We constantly get compliments on it. He also made some custom furniture, which matches the older, antique pieces that my wife and I had collected years earlier. The furniture was made from “worm wood” and is incredible. He used no screws or nails, just hand made pegs. It matches some other wood pieces we have and we are constantly admiring the job he did. I don’t think I have seen furniture as well built or as attractive as the furniture that Randy made for us. 

My husband and I have known Randy for about 9 years and have used his services to build us various built ins for our home. We are very happy with Randy’s work, he does a nice job.

Randy Smith of Inner Motives is a joy to work with.  I can’t imagine working with a better craftsman.  Randy has an amazing eye.  He merges beautiful designs with practical applications, making everything he works on a piece of art.  Over the past ten years Randy has designed and built custom bookshelves, furniture, moldings and bathroom vanities throughout our home.  He also designed, built and installed our kitchen cabinetry.  Each piece uses different woods and styles, making them entirely different yet complementary.  One is more beautiful than the next.  The finishes are spectacular and the quality of the work is unsurpassed.  Visitors to our home often marvel at the woodwork. 

My husband and I first got commissioned Inner motives to build bookshelves and beds for us in 2007 that we had designed ourselves.  Being knowledgeable about design and the building process, we were quite particular on how we wanted the furniture built and the final aesthetics. Inner Motives did not fail us! The work produced was superb, well crafted and the joints were well hidden. The finishes were polished and smoothed to a remarkable extent.  The costs were kept reasonable and the pieces completely on a timely basis. In fact, we commissioned another round of bookcases from Inner Motives and remain delighted with the work.

Randy of Inner Motives has designed every built-in in my home. Each built-in was made in the most unique design, which only he could create. The quality of his work is enormous, and his attention to detail is unsurpassed. He has also designed and built our family kitchen table. It takes a beating everyday, and still looks brand new. We get so many compliments on all the pieces that he has made for us, and have given him many referrals over the years. Randy and his team are so easy to work with. His designs are “out of the box,” and are unique to him and his clients. My husband, and I enjoy working with him and his knowledgeable staff.

Randy is a joy to work with.  He anticipates design issues and reworks plans until they take account of every need of the client.  He continues to make final adjustments after pieces are installed.   I cannot recommend Inner Motives highly enough. 

We were looking to redo our home office, replacing the existing wall-to-wall dark wood cabinetry with a more open and “lighter” look. After a few minutes of conversation and reviewing some of his other work, we realized that Randy was the right person for the job. His attention to detail, workmanship and sense of space and style all led to a truly exceptional result. Where we previously had wall-to-wall storage, limiting light and making a poor use of space, Randy opened up to walls and created a layered series of shelving, contributing to thoughtful in form, maximizing the usable space. Randy’s easy going personality, timely work product and creative ideas all made this a very enjoyable project.

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